Where’s my master ?

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And I turned around with my freshly produced saliva-coated rubber ball in my jaws. Thinking of incentives with a nice pat on my head and a tickle on my neck, I trotted out of that nasty icy cold stream. My legs felt like icicles.

“I won’t step into this thing again but what if my master throws this ball again here. Argh !”

As I landed on the dry spot, I could not see my master. He was just here standing on this very spot few minutes before.

“Yes, I can smell his chocolaty scent.” I jumped left and right calling out for my seven year old master.

But I am confused. Another strong stinky smell is getting mixed up. Has the master been abducted??? This slight notion raised up all my hair on my back, my heartbeat elevated. I started jumping and calling him at my highest pitch.

After the shouts I stay still, silent, holding my breath to listen to my master’s response but to no avail.

“ Woof Woof ! To hell with the ball.” I lunged and followed my master’s shoeprints and that distinct smell.

“I am going to rip the kidnapper apart.”

198 words

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Written for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: Week #38– 2018.


154 thoughts on “Where’s my master ?

  1. Interesting take on the prompt! Dogs are indeed very loyal. My friend has a dog named Cherry and even though i visit his place once in a blue moon it recognises me and starts pouncing around me. Its way of seeking attention and a caring pat from me,


  2. Dog’s loyalty needs no definition. How well you have brought the story to life. I hope he will find his master soon.

    #MothersGurukulreads #Myfriendalexa

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  3. So many times stepping into another person’s character becomes so difficult while writing a story, and here you have done a great job of creating a character of a dog… Wonderful…

    Liked by 1 person

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