The Reprisal

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After waiting for five seconds, he hard pressed the bell second time. The whistle had blown. Eliza knew what would happen next.  Anticipating the outcome, she hastened to open the door for her husband.

Day by Day it was getting tough for Eliza to keep abreast with her writing deadlines along with her never ending nagging of her husband. Eliza was desperate to find a way out to this daily harassment. The intriguing climax of her “to be launched book” had kept her hooked to her seat while the first doorbell rang.

How she wished to switch places with the main protagonist of her novel Dhira, only for tonight !

Like herself, her protagonist, Dhira faced everyday challenges in her domestic life. Once back from work, Dhira would do all odd jobs at home to keep it clean and dirt free. And still her ablutomania suffering husband would mock at her cleaning. Sometimes she slept with bluish four finger marks on her face, sometimes a swollen eye. Most of the mornings she could touch deposited salt particles around her eyes.

How Dhira wished to file a case of domestic violence against her abusive husband ! How she wished there was just one lawyer in the whole city who was better than her husband. Every night she stood before him for the verdict of the day; hands cold, legs shaking, heart palpitating. She would feel as if blood stopped flowing in her numb body.

But the incessant mockery would never stop. Twice she tried to run away but every time his power prone husband would find her out like a mole finds out a worm in a hole. That night she got back late from work and her husband was about to arrive soon. Prediction led to palpitations. She got tired of all this. Running away was ruled out. So she crossed the boundaries that night.

Dhira left a note on the table written “out for groceries.” She crumpled two pieces of paper into balls and threw near the note. Her disposable coffee mug with her lip stain too was there. She felt the urge of opening her clutched hair, letting them breathe in the air of freedom that was to enter in her life. She added the hair clutch too to the staged crime scene. Wow ! she patted her shoulders when she visualised her husband’s first shriek when he would discover it all. While picking up her car keys and moving out, she got amused musing the results of her misdoings.

Sauntering down the path she sensed as if the deep dark sky is soaking up all the negativity from her life. And in return the Moon is throwing on her the luminescence of freedom, love and self-respect.

As she recollected the list of groceries to buy, her subconscious mind flashed some calculations. How much time would the laced food take to settle in stomach, get into his bloodstream and do the wild jig with his heart.

498 words

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