The bubble

Author : Jaya        ⊥        Flash Fiction       ⊥            September 1, 2018

the bubble

Elison let the bubble blow out of the bubble blower. Of course with its stupendous size, as mamma had said, she needed help of her younger sister Amie to blow into it perfectly. Elison did not have to say anything. Amie at the age of eight already knew what she had to do. She stood up and started blowing in it.

Elison could smell the fleeting fragrance of mint in air. She noticed the cool air caressing her cheeks and purely passing through the bubble blower. She could hear the eternal cooing of the birds as they travelled back to their nests snuggling with their fledglings merrily. She overheard the gossip and the giggle of the gleeful girls living next door.

Suddenly, little Amie’s hysteric claps brought her back from her assimilation. “Elison ! It is beautiful. I can see the colours of the rainbow in it. It is so huge and changing its shape frequently. It’s so clear and delicate. I wish I could touch it. It’s already high up in the air.”

Elison quickly put up her head in anticipation of seeing the giant bubble herself.

But alas!! Amie’s description was all that she had to imagine the beautiful picture of that brilliant bubble. A bubble which was made up of words and sounds.

Elison again lifted her hand to blow the bubble second time. But this time the soapy water weighed more with the salt added to it in a trickle.

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Picture courtesy : Pixabay

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