Book review : A Sister’s Secret

A Sister’s Secret

Book : A Sister’s Secret
Author : Mary Jane Staples
Genre : Historical Romance

Lady Caroline, the widow of wicked Lord Perceival repents her hasty marriage to him out of infatuation. She owns two estates in her name and is free to lead a life fully socialising with London’s finest aristocracy. Her only problem is her sister Anabelle who is about to fall victim to a similar fate at the hands of Cumberland, a villainous Duke.

Caroline hires a charming professional gentleman, Captain Burnside who had to dissuade her sister from wicked intentions of Cumberland. But Fate spins it’s wheel differently and circumstances change.

Classic lovers and readers of historical romance will like the book. It had all the ingredients perfectly simmered to qualify it a good classic read. The middle of the book got sluggish but other than that it was fine. Language used is also beautifully adorned with descriptive words.

Being a classic lover….. 4⭐/5
Thank you for the copy of the book.

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