Book : Little Disasters

Little Disasters

Book : Little Disasters

Author : Sarah Vaughan

Publisher : Atria Books

Little Disasters is a thought provoking book about trials and tribulations faced by a stay at home mom Jess. She is a perfect mother of three, loving her children unconditionally. An ideal mother for many and particularly by her best friend Liz. But what happens one fine evening, changes everyone’s opinion about Jess and her life. That’s a mystery you must find out.

This book is not just about an affectionate mother and her family but also about RAISING A FAMILY. We see so many doting parents around us with their gleeful kids. But what goes inside the four walls of a house and inside the tired minds of moms is what this book describes. It raises some deep questions on parenting. Is it only a moms duty to raise children ? What happens when your husband isn’t there to support you, not even in the late nights or early mornings ? Not just parenting, it also talks about severe childhood trauma that most of the time goes unnoticed by parents. Some volatile experiences can disrupt your mind and even your future

I surely took sometime initially to pick up the storyline as it moved slowly in the beginning but in the middle somewhere I got lost in it. It resonated so much, that I couldn’t keep it back. The author has portrayed perfect pictures of paediatric wards, and hospitals, life of parents.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to readers specially all would-be moms, not to scare them but make them understand that it is alright to feel anxious raising a child. It is also alright to take help in whatever way they can. This book really is worth discussing in groups. And you need to read it to find out what happened on one fine evening.

My rating 4.5/5


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