Stella’s Innocence

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Stella’s Innocence

Daddy dearest painted the room along with Stella.

“It should be white Papa,” said five year old Stella innocently.

“Everything should be white. None of my friends should have a whiter room than mine. Only I, daddy, shall keep all the whiteness.”

 And so it was.  Daddy complied with what his dear daughter demanded. It took them a week to arrange everything. And after finishing up all the tasks of painting and decorating, the cherubic Stella sat on her chair proudly looking out at the dark night. And suddenly she let out a scream.

“ Oh!  No Daddy, How can the moon be so white ?”

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104 words

Thanks Rochelle Wisoff for the prompt.

Pic Courtesy : Gah Learner

3 thoughts on “Stella’s Innocence

  1. Ha!Ha! Poor Daddy. If she were to wish upon the moon, he would bring her that too.
    That’s what Daddy’s little girls are all about, have them wrapped around their little finger. :)) Nice one.

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