The Mist in her heart

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The Mist in her heart

The only soul present amidst the mist was of the girl pining for a rendezvous with her lover.

It was the perfect timing. The mist had just appeared as if Mother Nature had herself pulled down the curtains for the lovers to meet.

Awaiting his lover, the girl pondered over the saddening situation of the mist which made persistent flights to meet its friends, the clouds.

But all in vain.

Perhaps, the girl did not see the irony that it was her heart leaping and yearning the presence of her lover.

With each passing minute it grew dark. The azureous sky had turned into Cimmerian darkness. The tweedling of the birds then, had hushed now. And so shushed the anticipation of the girl.

 The crest fallen clouds stood witness once again to the egress of their friend, as was the distressed girl.

Alas! They were destined not to meet.

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149 words

Thank you Priceless Joy for the wonderful prompt.

Thankyou Jodi for the picture.

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