The distant tranquility


FFAW challenge 178th   ⊥    Jaya    ⊥       August 15, 2018    

Anaya could not help but think about the incongruous place she was at today. The divine senses, that ministrated her in reading earlier, were playing divergent now.

Roger’s café was the most peaceful abode for her to reflect, to play muse to her mind. Since a year Anaya has been visiting this seaside café recurrently. Not that the owner owed her something. The place was infused with fragrance of  brewing coffee and heavenly tasting chocolates wafting to her nose filling her senses.

Everyday those aromas would mingle with the musky smell of the books that Anaya carried with her.

Nonetheless, the place was nagged with pandemonium today.

The blaring horns, the serpentine queue of the vehicles, hungry wailing babies all were waiting desperately in the traffic to reach somewhere.

Not even one noticed the serenity that was synonymous with the panoramic surroundings so close to them.

Word Count : 146

Thanks Priceless joy for the opportunity. Read more here.

Thanks Ted Strutz for the picture.


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